Current products:

The 2CH5US-8D2A: This has 2 separately programmable outputs and 8 inputs. 2 of the inputs are suited to take an analogue signal which can be of any (sensible) voltage and is also suitable to the connection of thermistors directly. This allows for thermal management systems or systems that have other analogue signals that condition the required speed of the fan. All 8 inputs may be used as switched inputs between 0 and 5 V particularly suited to applications where various speed are required based on a discrete signal input for example blowers in air conditioning. At the heart of the controller is a microcontroller which runs a program written to suit each specific application. The controller can output voltages of 5 V the supply voltage or any other voltage between 5 V and the supply voltage. For example you may wish to use a 10V PWM signal in an application that is supplied with 24V. All 8 inputs can be internally held at 5 V and are usually switched to ground by the user this makes for a very simple interface that is robust and does not require complex spike and transient protection as no supply voltage is injected into the inputs. Applications range from simple discrete speed blowers to various thermal management applications or simply a requirement to vary the speed of a fan or motor at set time intervals with no external input. The controller can also output an analogue voltage on either or both channels. This controller is very well suited to fast turnaround prototype's as base circuit boards are held in stock and can be built to a number of standards to suit the particular application. The controller may operate between 8 and 28 V automotive and is designed to withstand the harsh electrical environment in a vehicle. The standard build will work at temperatures up to 70 degrees and up to 100 degrees where necessary.

Designed products in stock soon:

The 1CHS-PSET is a pre-set fixed speed controller and is the simplest fan controller on offer at just under 20 mm x 30 mm which is small enough to put into a heat shrink boot or pot into a small box and cable tie into the power loom. The function of this controller is to provide a basic speed signal which can be set with a small trimmer on the board for one-off or low-volume applications.

The 1CHS-SET is a fixed speed controller. It generates the required signal to run the fan at a set speed which is based on the components fitted. It is very similar to the 1CH-PSET but its speed cannot be changed and it would be the product of choice for production runs after experimentation with the above product as it does not require manual setting of the speed and then fixing in position of the trimmer to prevent movement during use.

Coming soon:

In order to minimise space and cost the 1CH5S-2D1A will provide a single output at the supply voltage or 5V, 2 digital/swithed inputs of which one an analogue input which may be a switched input to enable the fan functionality independently of switching on the power supply or it may be used as an analogue input for any (sensible) voltage input or direct connection to a thermistor for applications requiring thermal management. A single digital input enables  The heart of this unit would be a microcontroller running application-specific software to suit the users requirements. Applications can range from preset speed of the fan to a programme of various speeds over time as per usual request or thermal management applications based on an analogue input.